Cornhole Tournament -Your Next Great Fundraising Idea


If you are looking for a great opportunity for a fundraiser, look no further than the classic family pastime of cornhole.

Cornhole is a low-cost, compact and easy to assemble game for players of any age or skill level. Of course, the game is also great fun and is certain to be a hit – which will bring players back for another round, time and time again.


What is Cornhole?

Cornhole is a game which can be found everywhere – from backyards to carnivals – all across the country. Conceptually very simple, cornhole involves an inclined wooden board with a hole through which the player attempts to throw a bean bag. Different point values can be assessed for actually making it through the hole and for simply landing on the board.

It is the straightforward simplicity of the game which makes it so appealing to such a wide range of players.


What Are the Pros of Cornhole?

  • Cornhole takes up very little room. The board itself is only a few feet in size and the player need only stand a few more feet back from the board.

  • Cornhole is easy to assemble and break down. With such a simplistic design to the game board, set up takes only a matter of seconds – and the same is true of putting the game away once playtime is done.

  • Cornhole is a fun outdoor activity for the whole family. The game can be a good opportunity for a family to get together outside and have some all-inclusive fun which appeals to everyone.

  • Anyone can play. The skill curve of cornhole can be adjusted perhaps more simply than any other game – the player need only stand closer or farther from the board to change the difficulty. This means that even the youngest or oldest members of a family can get involved in the fun.

  • Weather is not a factor. In the event of rain, cornhole is a game which can be played indoors just as easily as out.


What Makes Cornhole a Good Fundraising Opportunity?

Hosting a 603 Cornhole Tournament is an excellent way to draw in lots of money with little investment. By hosting a 603 Cornhole Tournament, you would be able to maximize the amount of money taken in from the sale of drinks, snacks and player proceeds.

Organizing the cornhole tournament might seem like a daunting task – but it really isn’t so bad when 603 Cornhole takes the reins!


603 Cornhole has a large following through social media, current leagues and other cornhole events Plus, all the money you raise will be well worth it! The tournament could also be coupled with other low-cost events such as a raffle, silent auction, 50/50 tickets etc., and you could even sell customized cornhole sets with the name or emblem of your charitable organization. We can handle that too!

If you are looking to find a good opportunity to bring in some funds for your organization, few events offer such a great opportunity as hosting a cornhole tournament. The game’s widespread appeal will ensure a great turnout for a fun-filled day – this combined with the affordability of cornhole will mean plenty of funds for your worthwhile group.

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